Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions come into effect on the 1.10.2017

General Information

The services available from order.wpensure.com are sold by Diginörtti which is a company in Finland (VAT registration FI2360100-1). We sell services worldwide to private persons as well as companies, advertising agencies and freelancers. Our product prices do not include any applicable tax and any possible tax will be added at checkout. We reserve the right to change the prices in the store.


Orders are primarily made through the webstore at order.wpensure.com. Palvelut tilataan pääsääntöisesti internetin välityksellä osoitteesta www.wpturva.fi ostoskorin kautta.

All orders are confirmed via email where we will notify you of the order's price, delivery charges and items ordered. You will need a valid email address in order to receive the confirmation and further information about your order.

While ordering you must agree to the terms and conditions laid out in this document.

Payment Options

Payment options differ depending on the country you live in.


The primary payment option for most countries is Paypal. If you are purchasing a monthly service then you will be put on a recurring monthly subscription which you can control from your PayPal account. Please note that deleting your subscription will cancel your service at the end of the billing period.


Monthly/quarterly/biannually/yearly invoicing may be available within the EU. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery time

For emergency cases such as malware cleanup or crashed websites, we aim to have the site back up and running within eight hours. Other services such as WP Ensure setup etc, can take 1-3 working days (usually within 1 day). The sooner we receive the required information about your current host and website credentials, the sooner we will be able to get to work. We will be happy to guide you through the process.

If delivery times are not within that time frame due to public holidays etc, delivery will be arranged directly with the customer.


We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions. Before ordering, customers must accept these terms.

Diginörtti / WP Ensure treats all customer information with the utmost of confidentiality. 

Diginörtti / WP Ensure commits to never sharing customer information with third parties.